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how we stand out

We’re a first-to-market franchise with an outstanding concept.

Consider what McDonald’s was to the burger industry, and what Marriott was to the hotel industry. Were they the first to offer fast burgers or convenient places to stay on vacation? No, but they were among the first to successfully franchise their concepts.

Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles is the first soul food franchise perfectly positioned for nationwide expansion and unlimited growth. Our existing locations have been financially successful over the years, and we know how to replicate that model in markets across the country.

It takes a whole lot more than great breasts and thighs.

Which, we of course have. But Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles stands out when compared to any franchised restaurant concept, and here’s why:

fresh, scratch-made food

Each of Lo-Lo’s secret recipes is made onsite in each restaurant every single day, using only the freshest ingredients. Nothing is ever pre-prepared and shipped. In fact, we don’t own a single microwave.


Great food without great service equals a one-time visit. We teach our franchisees to do everything the “Lo-Lo’s way,” and that includes exceptional and genuine customer service.

unmatched atmosphere

Lo-Lo’s is that special place where everyone, of all ages, feels instantly welcomed and comfortable. Our interior environments are laidback, yet refined, original and inviting. Lo-Lo’s is a place where all people can have a good time and enjoy great food. Period.

the lo-lo lowdown

Some may think of me as an original, but I just do what I do the same way I’ve always done.