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the lo-lo's concept

which came first, the chicken or the waffle?

As far as Lo-Lo’s is concerned, it doesn’t matter because one just isn’t the same without the other. Raving fans from around the country couldn’t agree more. But it’s not just the award-winning combination of savory fried chicken and sweet, syrupy waffles that begs to be replicated in markets across the U.S. Lo-Lo’s has created its own soul food revolution, and with it, a dining destination like no other. We mean that literally…there is no restaurant franchise like it – anywhere.

What you may not know about Lo-Lo’s:

  • In addition to our famous chicken & waffles, we offer a full menu of scratch-made soul food favorites, truly offering something for everyone.
  • Our founder, Larry “Lo-Lo” White has been perfecting his recipes for more than a decade. He has developed his own waffle mix, seasoned salt, maple syrup, hot sauce and more.
  • When he first started out, Larry earned a grassroots following by giving away his business card along with paper platefuls of his fried chicken to cab drivers and nearby businesses.
  • Lo-Lo’s has been recognized locally, regionally and nationally for its exceptional product quality.
  • It’s not uncommon for eager customers to form lines out the door and around the building on any given day.
  • Lo-Lo’s is a favorite of celebrities and professional athletes from the NBA and NFL – in fact, Lo-Lo’s has catered home games for the Arizona Cardinals for the past few years.
  • Each location has the ability to supplement revenue with a full bar and catering services.
  • You won’t find a microwave inside any Lo-Lo’s location.
  • This is a first-to-market, ground-floor franchise concept with unlimited growth potential.
  • There is currently no other national soul food franchise offering.

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the lo-lo lowdown

My secret recipe chix & waffles have won local, regional and national awards!