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Lo-Los Chicken and Waffles

the food

Chicken & Waffles:
The best combination since…?

Alright, we give. One bite of the savory, crispy, slightly spicy meets the fluffy, maple syrupy, golden-buttery-goodness, and…your customers get it. They are fully converted believers.

Lo-Lo’s didn’t invent this famous flavor duo, but we dare say they perfected it. You see, the combination is only as good as its individual parts.

It starts with the freshest chicken, battered with a secret blend of spices (seriously, no one knows Lo-Lo’s seasoned salt recipe except his father) and fried to golden perfection.

Then comes the waffle mix. While this is also a proprietary recipe perfected by Lo-Lo, he had to share it with Krusteaz®, who has the manufacturing and distribution capabilities to ship the mix to every Lo-Lo’s location in the country.

There’s a reason it’s called soul food.

While chicken & waffles may be the flagship menu item and consistent bestseller, it’s also the gateway to more “serious” soul food – the stuff that truly sets the Lo-Lo’s menu and restaurant apart.

Sure, there are a handful of mom ‘n’ pops able to turn out their own, darn good, soul food. But until now, no one except Lo-Lo’s has figured out how to capture the essence and passion of generations past and replicate the exact same quality and authenticity across the country.

Lo-Lo’s family recipes for items like Uncle Brotha’s Shrimp & Grits, Aunt Hattie’s Salmon Croquettes, Collard Greens, Fried Green Tomatoes and much more are made from scratch, every day, onsite at every Lo-Lo’s.

No one else is doing it, because nobody else can.

the lo-lo lowdown

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