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ingredients & distribution

We make sure you have what you need, when you need it.

Our promise to make every menu item from scratch, inside each restaurant every day certainly doesn’t make things easy. But, it’s the right way to do things and that’s the Lo-Lo’s way.

We make sure you have everything you need to make the most succulent, perfectly seasoned fried chicken and the fluffiest, freshest waffles. Lo-Lo himself spent more than a decade perfecting all of his secret soul food recipes so we’ve made sure that each franchisee has the ingredients and the techniques to prepare everything within our quality standards, each and every time.

The Freshest Possible Ingredients

Whenever possible, we seek out local distributors and arrange for daily delivery of all poultry, dairy and other fresh items used in the preparation of Lo-Lo’s secret recipes.

National Partnership with Krusteaz®

The manufacturing and distribution of Lo-Lo’s proprietary waffle mix is handled by Krusteaz®, famed baking mix retailer. Each bag of waffle mix will be shipped directly to your restaurant.

Lo-Lo’s Branded Items

We also share with you our proprietary maple syrup, bottled hot sauce, and seasoned salt (but the seasoned salt is one recipe Lo-Lo will never give up!). You’ll have to settle for using it in your dishes to give the food that little extra somethin’.