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When your Lo-Lo’s
location opens, people are gonna know.

At Lo-Lo’s, we don’t enter markets quietly. We create a buzz that creates anticipation many weeks before your grand opening. When your doors open, get ready…

You’ve got the first-to-market ‘newness’ factor.

Like we told you before, in many markets across the U.S., Lo-Lo’s reputation precedes itself. In fact, we receive daily inquiries begging us to open Lo-Lo’s locations in places we aren’t even prepared to go yet.

Beyond the consistent word-of-mouth that tends to create lines out the door, here are a few of the ways we help you maintain a presence in your market:

social media

Facebook and Instagram have been hugely successful for us. We’ll help you get your local social media presence up and running, as this is often the easiest, quickest way to inform your followers of food specials and events.

web presence

Your customers are going to search for your location online. That’s a given. What they’ll find is a fun, inviting, state-of-the-art website that will tell them exactly what they need to know and more. You’ll have backend access to keep various parts of your website up-to-date.

traditional marketing

The Lo-Lo’s marketing team will share with you the proven advertising and marketing methods that have been effective within our existing markets. Using this knowledge, we will help you adapt these best practices to your local market.

public relations

Remember that buzz we talked about? The Lo-Lo’s PR team is constantly working behind the scenes to fuel the Lo-Lo’s reputation – don’t be surprised if you start seeing Lo-Lo’s name everywhere – from online articles to your local paper.